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Podcast Momentum

Jan 4, 2021

Imagine with me for a second: You open your email, see a message from a budding and gracious writer who wants to provide you “content” or “value”, and it seems all too familiar. You’ve seen this before, haven’t you? Someone reaching out to establish a “relationship”, but in reality, they’ll want something from you. So, in a world chock FULL of those emails, how do you find the genuine relationship that will last a lifetime, free of expectations? In this new episode, Dave and Chris differentiate between your business and “bros”, a foolproof checklist to test the health of a relationship, and the simple but TRUE definition of friendship.

In This Episode:

  • Use THIS simple gauge to know if your relationship is rock solid
  • Why you need to share values, NOT “value”, in your relationships
  • How to approach new people WITHOUT wanting something from them
  • If you only talk about THIS in a relationship, watch out!
  • What it means to have a colleague vs. your “bro”


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