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Podcast Momentum

Jun 14, 2021

Ever felt like, in order to build your business, you had to make some tough sacrifices? If your body was one of them, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the grind and forget about your fitness. However, as you’ll discover in this new episode, physical health is the key to everything else! Chris and Dave sit down with the owner of High Performance Founder, Dan Go, to discuss how Dan has helped dozens of entrepreneurs accelerate their profits AND quality of life through foundational healthy habits. Dan lays out the #1 WORST mistake that thousands of entrepreneurs make (and it’s not about their body), what fitness REALLY means to Dan, and the KEY to Dan’s (and his clients’) success.

In This Episode:

  • Dan breaks down the #1 WORST mistake entrepreneurs make for their health, but spoiler alert: It has NOTHING to do with their bodies.
  • Once you understand the “three parts of the mind”, you’ll have your “Aha!” moment and NEVER self-sabotage your progress again.
  • For Dan, what inspires him to be in shape is MUCH more than appearance or ego. If you nail down THIS in your life first, then taking care of yourself is a no-brainer.
  • Losing weight is about WAY more than a number on a scale. From scientific studies to business performance, Dan lays out why exercise is the KEY to success.