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Podcast Momentum

Jul 12, 2021

What does it mean to “bio-hack”? Contrary to what it sounds like, it’s not necessarily a shortcut to good health and performance; exercise and eating well should always be your foundation of health, period. However, for those of you who have the basics dialed it and are ready to level up, biohacking serves as a way to optimize your health even further. On this new episode, Dave and Chris talk with crowd-favorite Cary Jack about his non-negotiable methods for optimizing his body, mind, and spirit. It all sounds fancy, but as Cary explains, the pillars of health don’t require expensive equipment or a degree. It requires showing up for the basics and staying happy in your hustle.

In This Episode:

  • “Biohacking” has gained extreme popularity recently, but it’s not as simple as the name suggests. Before you go gung-ho on the “hacking” part, you NEED to get these aspects of your life in check FIRST, no excuses.
  • Once you nail down the basics of healthfulness, Cary recommends these THREE steps to begin your optimization journey and become happier and healthier than ever.
  • The internet is chock FULL of contrasting nutrition advice, workout programs, and some crazy supplements you’ve never heard of. If you want to avoid the noise and just move forward, remember THIS word and you’ll get farther than the people who spend too much time thinking.”
  • Want to know the simplest but INCREDIBLY effective bio hack? It involves doing NOTHING at all and just following THIS simple rhythm, that’s it!