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Podcast Momentum

Jul 26, 2021

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be familiar with feeling anxious for most of the day. In a culture of “hustle and grind”, it’s not surprising. While you may see that as your “edge” in the business world, it’s actually harming your mental health by preventing you from relaxing and thinking clearly. In this new episode, Dave and Chris sit down with Dr. Ellen Wong, a naturopathic doctor who’s spent her career studying the effects of high-functioning anxiety. They cover what “high-functioning” REALLY means, how our family history influences our mental health, and why it’s SUPER important to define a personalized version of “success”.

In This Episode:

  • Having a successful career doesn’t mean you’re not suffering. Once you hear Dr Wong explain why “high functioning anxiety” doesn’t fit the traditional mold, you may realize a lot about yourself.
  • Science has shown that trauma in our grandparents impacts us today, but instead of feeling powerless, listen to Dr. Wong lay out a simple plan to break the cycle.
  • Why we need to define our OWN version of success in order to genuinely respect each other, especially if you live in a culture of “hustle and grind”.
  • How leaders can finally SHOW UP and captain their industries with confidence AND empathy, which will lead to more profits than pushing their employees to their breaking points.