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Podcast Momentum

Aug 9, 2021

Think about your sleep last night. Was it okay, horrible, or great? If you’re like most people, your consistent sleep schedule may be passable, but deep down, you wish it could be better. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, yet so many of us KNOW that it’s not quite there. For many folks, hitting the pillow entails a nightly battle with incessant thoughts and intrusive wakefulness. On this new episode, Dave talks with certified bio-optimizer and BFF, Matt Gallant, about how Matt dialed in his sleep after years of fighting against it. Matt lays out the big six disruptors and no-nonsense steps to avoid them for good, the TELLTALE sign of disturbed sleep, and how to structure your sleep for YOUR life, not someone on the internet telling you to wake up at 5 am because they do…or want to.


In This Episode:

  • Want to improve your sleep, and overall LIFE, in a hurry? Check out Matt’s top six “sleep disruptors” that are BIG NO-NOS if you want any semblance of a good night’s rest. Then, be sure to incorporate these TWO bedtime rituals to get your brain ready to shut down.
  • Out of the MANY traits of disrupted sleep, figure out if you’re doing this ONE small thing when you sleep. Any time you do this, your sleep suffers.
  • The internet is FILLED with people telling you to “wake up at 5 am!!”, but is this advice practical for everybody? Once you learn WHY the term “early” is relative, you’ll actually find a sleep schedule that works for YOU, not somebody else.
  • Do you or someone you know suffer from insomnia? If so, then you HAVE to include THIS supplement in your daily routine, preferably an hour or so before bed, to RADICALLY improve your ability to wind down for the night and get that restful sleep you need.